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Another concept claims it’s based mostly on a mispronunciation of the English word partner, which has a similar meaning to the word pana. New York City is integral to the migration story of many islanders—who, by the Nineteen Seventies, had become the vast majority of residents in Washington Heights. Today, the town is residence to greater than seven hundred,000 Puerto Ricans and 1 million Dominicans. These are by far the biggest concentrations of these populations outside of the islands themselves. Approximately 70,000 Cubans live in the identical area (and they’ve settled in Florida in higher numbers).

° lentes eyeglassesDeseo comprar míos lentes oscuros.I wish to buy some dark glasses. Larga ° a la larga in the lengthy run, eventuallyA la larga se convencerá Ud.Eventually you will be satisfied. ▲ to give one the run-aroundSiempre me está dando largas.He’s at all times giving me the run-around. Inquieto restlessEs un niño muy inquieto.He’s a really restless child. ▲ worriedEstoy inquieto por su ausencia.I’m nervous over his absence. Ingresar to enter, to joinCuando ingresó en el Ejército tenía viente años.He was twenty when he joined the Army.

Ilusiones sobre ese negocio.Don’t bank too much on that enterprise. ° tener ilusiones to have hopes or illusionsTiene ilusiones de casarse algún día.She has hopes of getting married some day. Gente people¿Cuánta gente hay en esta oficina? How many individuals are there in this office?

Peor worseHoy me encuentro peor.I’m worse today. ▲ worstEs el peor de todos.He’s the worst of https://www.centeronhunger.org/the-most-important-to-know-about-the-research-paper-vs-argumentative-essay/ all. ° tanto peor a lot the worseTanto peor para él.So a lot the extra serious for him.

Have a horse of thy personal, thou maist borrow one other. When the blind leads the blind, each are down in the ditch. Praise a fair day neither morn or noon, however at night.

° tropezar en to journey overTropecé en el bordillo de la acera.I tripped over the curb. Traspasar to go through, pierceEl balazo le traspasó el corazón.The bullet pierced his heart. ▲ to transfer, promote Traspasó la tienda muy ventajosamente.He bought the business very profitably. Trance ° a todo trance at any costEstá resuelto a hacerlo a todo trance.He is decided to do it at any value.

Pana is used in parts of South America—specifically in Venezuela—as properly as in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Some say the word is related to the Spanish word for bakery, panadería, as a result of friends meet—where else? —in coffee retailers and bakeries to chat. But there’s not lots of evidence to indicate that is so.

He hath a good judgement who trusts not to his own. ‘Tis better to pay and have little, then have a lot, and to be in debt. A woman that lookes too much in a glass was by no means good spin∣stress. Troubled waters won’t ever make a good looking-glass.

By utilizing this site, you comply with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Al vuelo instantly, rapidly; in flight, on the wing. Voraz ravenousTenía hambre voraz.He was ravenously hungry.

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